Operation Pristine Pan – a “quick” fix

Painted downstairs loo

Not bad for a couple of hours’ work!

Since the work in the kitchen is (sensibly) being done by actual experts, I’ve been at a bit of a loose end recently. And while the man of the house was on night shift, I decided to give him a lovely surprise and do a quick tart-up of the downstairs loo. Or, as we’ve affectionately nicknamed it – The Icy Cupboard of Doom.

Downstairs bathroom

Enter at your own risk!

The photo shows it in a far better light than the reality. What originally appeared to be tiles is in fact a moulded plastic sheet to look like tiles, and the fixtures and fittings don’t look as if they have been cleaned since, well, ever.

The goal was to just paint over the shiny pine panels and the tile wall, throw some cheap vinyl down, and go at the shower, sink and loo with copious amounts of bleach and a steam cleaner.

Armed with a pair of rubber gloves and a bottle of red, my Friday night was set!

First task – attack the fake tiles:

Painted shower tiles

Looking better already

I used a one-coat tile paint from Wilkinson’s, which was quite difficult to apply. I think that if I had a better technique, I would have got a nicer finish. As it turns out, there are some thick, drippy patches, and other places where the pattern shows through. But the instructions on the tin did say that a second coat may be needed on darker/patterned tiles, so I will probably go over those areas again at some point.

The next job was to tackle the shiny wood. I chose a quick drying satin wood paint from Wilkinson’s and was really impressed with the results. The whole place feels much lighter and cleaner now, ready for the vinyl floor to be laid.

Painted downstairs loo

Not bad for a couple of hours’ work!

We’ve got some ambitious long-term plans for this little room. While I don’t think I’ll get my old fashioned Crapper in here, I’m hopeful that the doggy-shower project will be approved!


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