Kitchen update – the units are finally here!

Last week saw us take a massive step forwards. The kitchen units have been delivered at last! We had our fantastic joiner Mickey in to tackle all the big stuff, and the in-laws also dropped in to share their expertise.

Kitchen units

Our beautiful kitchen – here at last!

Yes – that is a SINK you see underneath the window!

We’ve learnt loads this week. Our initial attempts at wallpapering weren’t quite up to scratch, and there were a couple of areas that needed to be fixed by a professional.


A perfectionist at work!

As well as being shown the error of our ways with the wallpapering, we’ve also had a crash course in silicone.

Silicone around window

It’s all about the finishing touches…

One of our favourite parts of the kitchen (apart from the dishwasher of course!) is the tall unit. We gained a lovely double size gas oven when we moved in, but it felt a bit big for the nights when we just want to throw in a pizza. So the tall unit that holds a single oven is ideal. And the fact that it holds 10 wine bottles? Even better!

Putting up a tall unit

How many people does it take to fix a cabinet to the wall?

It also allowed the man of the house to show off his electrical wiring qualifications. And once he started, he couldn’t stop!

Electrical work

Lighting the walk-in larder

One of the biggest techniques that we wanted to learn was how to tile. Although we’re only tiling 3 square metres in the kitchen, we have lots of other rooms that will require tiling, and it’s something that we really want to be able to do ourselves. We had loads of ideas for the tiles we want. We started off looking at subway tiles, then saw some gorgeous (but horrendously expensive) lantern shaped mosaics. As well costing more than my first car, it was decided that all these fancy tile shapes weren’t advisable for a rookie. So in the end, we decided on Provenza Craquele from Topps Tiles, which are a nice and simple 10cm square. But the clincher was the fact that our local store conveniently had 3 square metres excess stock, so they gave us a 10% discount and we didn’t have to wait for them to be ordered in – perfect!


Tiling like a Boss!


More luck than judgement, no cutting needed round the corners 🙂


Nearly finished…

We may not be 100% there, but we’re absolutely thrilled with the progress that we’ve made, and the new skills that we’ve learnt. It’s absolutely wonderful to be free of takeaways, and even more lovely to not have to wash our dishes in the bath!

Finished kitchen

Finally looking like a kitchen – and well worth the effort


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