We’re still here!

Oops – I can’t believe it’s been over a month since the last post – sorry!

As you would expect, lots of things have been going on in the 1879 house to keep us busy. But they’ve all seemed to be little things compared to the dramatic kitchen transformation, and not really blog-worthy. So this post will be the hodge-podge of all those little snagging jobs that have taken up April and half of May.

The first job was something that we worked on while the kitchen was being fitted. While having a cup of tea with the new neighbours I indulged in a bit of style-stalking. They had installed a pop-up plug in their kitchen counter and as soon as I saw it a knew I wanted *needed* one in our kitchen too. In the event, after much cajoling, nagging and whining I actually managed to convince the Man of the House that we needed to get rid of all our wall-mounted sockets and buy two. Result!

First job - hide the old ugly surface mounted plug socket

First job – hide the old ugly surface mounted plug socket

Next - hide the new sockets in the cupboards

Next – hide the new sockets in the cupboards

Then the fun really began.

Who's going to be brave enough to drill a 10cm diameter hole in the newly-installed wooden worktops?

Who’s going to be brave enough to drill a 10cm diameter hole in the newly-installed wooden worktops?

Parents to the rescue!

Parents to the rescue!

No going back now!

No going back now!

We encountered just one little snag, in that the worktop was thicker than the drill attachment. So a willing volunteer was drafted in to finish the job from underneath the worktop, inside a dark cupboard – me! It quickly transpired that gravity and sawdust cause difficulties with both seeing and breathing. Ever resourceful, a tea towel proved to be my saviour.

Feeling pretty bad-ass!

Feeling pretty bad-ass!

Practical - and stylish!

Practical – and stylish!

I think it was poetic justice really. After all that whining, I really did need to get my hands dirty. But once they were installed, they were worth every eyeball splinter!

Counter top   Pop-up plug

The eagle-eyed among you will have also noticed the completion of another job – the tiling 🙂

Yes, I can now add grouting to my ever-expanding list of accomplishments!

11May2015 1006 11May2015 1003

I’m not sure if it was the irregular thickness of the rustic tiles, or the 3mm spacing, but the grouting scraper was worse than useless, so I had to resort to applying the grout with my hands. Next room I tile is going to have giant, regularly shaped tiles with 1mm spacing!

11May2015 956

Despite the difficulties with the grout, we’re very pleased with the final result

We also decided to start patching up all the cracks on the walls and around the coving in the lounge. Yes, I may sometimes forget, but there are actually other rooms in the house besides the kitchen 😉

11May2015 964ROTATED    11May2015 968

All the scraper tools were useless here too, because of the curved and bevelled coving. I probably broke every DIY rule in the book, but I applied the plaster by hand too, and gently sanded the surface to smooth it out.

11May2015 965  11May2015 969 11May2015 970

So that’s a quick snapshot of how we’ve been spending our spare time over the past few weeks. There are also a couple of other projects in the pipeline, so keep checking in for an update (I promise not to leave it so long next time!) xxx


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