Laundry room

While Gav continues in the downstairs loo, I have discovered a stash of paint left by the previous owner. One of them is an eggshell wood paint that has done a lovely job of covering up the fence wall between the laundry room and the aforementioned WC. It will need at least one more coat, but it’s looking better already.


And while that dries I’m going to make a start on the rest of the room. It’s a mix of porch, laundry room, dog food area and general dumping ground. I have already tried sprucing it up with a valance salvaged from the old house. I’m also drying lavender from the garden for some future project TBD.


I’m hoping that some nice paint and additional storage will help us get some sense of order in here. As the front door doesn’t work from the outside, this room is our main exit/entry point for now, so it will be lovely to get it sorted out, once and for all.

So that’s the Before, I’ll check back when the walls are prepped and ready for some colour…


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