Singer sewing table makeover

We’re having a productive Bank Holiday weekend! Remember the Singer sewing table from this morning? Well Gav went right to work, taking off the old hinged worktop, which was sadly not the original.


We had a piece of worktop spare that was an offcut from the pantry. We used the same dark Jacobean oak stain to give it a nice finish.


Then we fitted a cheap shelf above, added some dado railing to the front and here it is!



It is the perfect use of the recess by the fireplace, and will allow us to stay on top of all our admin without needing to set aside an entire room for an office.

We’re really pleased with it, it’s the perfect finish to the “living” side of the kitchen.


We’re definitely nearly there now! We just need to save up for my Voyage fabric for blinds and cushions. But for now, we’re really enjoying spending our time in here.

Now, back to that second coat of paint in the laundry room…


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