Laundry room work so far

We’re nearly there!


After a sensible discussion we decided to keep the wood unpainted for now. There’s a lot of wood in the room already and we’re planning to have some terracotta quarry tiles on the floor, so we thought it would look better to keep things natural.


We also decided to do away with the grotty white worktop. My heart wanted real wood but Gav’s head won out with a reasoned case in favour of practicality. Given how clumsy I am, it does seem to more sensible to have a surface that can be wiped clean without the danger of staining. So I just covered the existing surface with Fablon. While I would still like a proper wood worktop, I am impressed with how quick, easy and cheap it was to achieve this effect. I need to buy another roll though, as there wasn’t enough to cover the little shelf at the back.


It will be the dog food room for a little while longer, while we figure out our plans for the cloakroom, but we’re 99% there on phase one, and we’re chuffed 🙂



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