Starting work on the stairs

Today I did some volunteering at a Community Centre in Lincoln. We spent the day weeding the garden and preparing some wood panelled walls ready to get a fresh coat of paint.

It made me realise that I shouldn’t be so afraid to tackle a job in the house that has always seemed too big to start: the staircase.

Our neighbour’s staircase is a lovely varnished wood. Ours – not so much…


I’m sure that some people like bold colours, but we’re really not into the whole red gloss thing.

Some parts of the banister are lovely, and it is definitely original, which is a big plus point.


However, where it has been painted, it has really been painted. They were nothing if not thorough!


How gloopy is that?!

So armed with my sander, I’ve had a little go at some of the flat panelling. So far it’s been slow progress.

Hopefully it will be dry this weekend so we can ventilate the hallway and hit it with the heat gun. Hopefully it will be weeks, rather than months before it’s done. But right now, it’s not looking too good 😦


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