Work so far – now with pictures!

Where do we start?

We have several works in progress at the moment – it’s hard to believe we’ve only been in the house for a few weeks!

As mentioned before, the fuse box has been moved from under the sink and into the pantry. The old fuse box was in a worryingly bad state – one of the circuit breakers had been stuck on with sticky tape and some of the lights had 30 amp fuses in them. Needless to say, we feel a lot safer now that our electrician friend has paid us a visit 🙂

Old fuse box removed

Old fuse box removed

Circuit breakers

Nice modern, safe circuit breakers

The damp proof was another top priority job. Fortunately it wasn’t all doom and gloom there. An original estimate to satisfy the mortgage company came in at over 4 times more than other quotations. After getting another few opinions it turns out that there were just a couple of areas needing silicone injections and replastering. We’re going to be living with patches of bare plaster for some time, but it’s good to know that the damp was minimal and is now sorted 🙂

Corner of a room with bare plaster

Bare plaster actually looks nicer than the existing paint!

Another area of concern was in one of the front bedrooms. There is a fair bit of discolouration around the ceiling and walls and (much worse in my opinion!) a persistent smell that is very similar to a teenage boy’s room. Not good. Attempts to air the room, prop open the door, light every scented candle known to man have only temporarily masked the problem. We definitely have Something Bad happening here. So it was back to the good old Yellow Pages to find a roofing company. Initially we asked them to paint the wooden fascias and replace the guttering, which was chock-full of leaves and doing a very bad job of moving the water away.


Fancy new downpipes

The replacement guttering and downpipes look really good now. We didn’t realise how ugly the old pipes were until we saw the new ones. With 4 sinks upstairs and an en-suite pending there was a fair amount of work to do and we’re really pleased with the results. But sadly the replacement guttering is only a small improvement to the outside of the house. The entire roof will have to be replaced. And soon…