A kitchen-shaped can of worms

Well work on the kitchen has been progressing at a very fast pace!

After making the decision to keep as much of the floor intact as possible, we’ve been working to get the old concrete floor level. We’ve hired a builder who quickly got to work, removing the oven and sink to re-lay the concrete.

Kitchen minus the sink

And the sink is no more

While the initial reaction has been guilt-free takeaways, the novelty’s quickly worn off. So we weren’t best pleased when we found out that the kitchen will be delayed by 4 weeks. But every cloud has a silver lining, and it has meant that we’re no longer rushing to get things finished. This extra bit of breathing room has allowed us to consider the kitchen layout in more depth. We were originally going to have the fridge in an awkward position between the pantry and the kitchen door. It is going to look much better tucked into the pantry, but the trade-off in practicality isn’t ideal. So we’ve decided to swap out one of our cupboard units and install an integrated under-counter fridge. We’ll still keep the fridge in the pantry, but all the every day things like milk and veg will be right in the middle of the kitchen, where they belong.

The delay has been a blessing in disguise for another, slightly more concerning reason. In the house that keeps on giving, we have discovered: More Damp. It turns out that the original back door was in the kitchen wall at the back of the house, and wasn’t bricked in particularly well. And at some point in time, the boiler was moved into the pantry and the hole left by the old one was just boarded up with wood. Basically the wall is like a colander! So all the plaster’s been stripped off the wall and the brick work has been treated with a waterproof barrier.

Damp treated wall

Things escalated quickly!

It’s been a few days of upheaval and it’s amazing how quickly the entire room can be completely transformed. Hopefully the next time we say that there’ll be a kitchen sink! But before we get there, we at least have adhesive on the concrete ready to lay the quarry tiles and the damp wall should be plastered by the end of the week.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have a tiled floor and plastered (maybe even wallpapered?) walls. There are even whispers of the oven being back in place! But for now, the man at the local chip shop is our best friend.